Pfblocker NAT rules.

  • Hi, I’m new to pfsense/pfblocker and don’t really understand how all these rules work. There is this one issue I keep running into.. I set up pfblocker/dnsbl with a few simple feeds. The basic ads, hosts, porn etc... what’s is happening is that when I go to test one of the pages that is listed in a feed, the firewall rule completely blocks traffic to that specific site and doesn’t even hit dnsbl. So, no dns sinkhole or logging occurs. So I tried changing the NAT rules from TCP to UDP As a test and dnsbl works perfectly. Now what I see in the rule description is to not edit the rule. I left it with UDP to test it further and noticed that after 15-20 min the rule switched back to TCP on its own and went back to blocking all those domains at the firewall level instead of passing through dnsbl.
    Can someone please help me fix this issue? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days.