NTP system and log time mismatch

  • I'm having the problem where my pfsense device (installed on watchguard xtm 5 series) is majorly out of sync. On system start it's saying the date is:

    March 24th on the startup message
    March 24th on the device itself (home screen)
    June 7th on the logs when I enter a correct/incorrect password

    What I've tried:
    Factory resets
    Changing NTP servers
    Literally hundreds of restarts
    Looking at google extensively (nothing helped)

    Any assistance?

  • 1: Boot offset could be your Bios (hw) clock being wrong.
    Check & Correct

    2: Investigate the NTP peers
    Diagnostics -> Command prompt
    Run the command : ntpq -p


    Paste output here


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