More delay = better PCoIP?

  • Ok so I have something I stumbled upon and want to know if it makes sense,

    I created a limiter to test a slow WAN with 28ms more delay than I have, from 1gbit/20ms to 26mbit/48ms

    Now I was very suprised by the performance as it was actually very useable through HP Z remote boost, framerate was shockingly stable, yes high compression of course but totally workable at 3440x1440

    Now I an wondering if the added delay acts like a buffer that throws flattens packageloss and jitter? Does that make sense?

    I want to run another test tomorrow with just the delay and no bandwith limiter and see if thats actually true or if I am full of BS .

    for anyone that doesnt know pcoip is remote desktop/VDI software and I am using it to work from home in media and entertainment industry, (we make the CGI effects for movies basically).

  • @finnschi - I'm not sure 48ms is enough added latency to see adverse effects. If you bump that up to 150-200ms I think it will start to become more noticeable. Also, regarding bandwidth - modern remote desktop/screen sharing programs are pretty efficient these days and don't need a significant amount of bandwidth. What did your additional testing reveal?

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