Can't install PHAR extension ( PHP Archive extension ) on my pfSense

  • Hello everyone !
    I had a problem trying to install Composer for some PHP tests, I couldn't install it since the PHAR extension is missing from pfSense system. so I went to search if there's any PHAR packages and I found none. the only solution I found on internet had to be with portsnap command, but I can't find it in my system either. I'm trying to add it and start using ports like other FreeBSDs but I have no clues in how to do so.

    Note : I went to FreeBSD community forum and asked but they said that pfSense version of FreeBSD is different so they don't include it in their dicussions

    Can anyone please help me please , am really stuck in here

    thank you so much !

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You almost certainly should not be doing whatever you're trying to do on the firewall. It's not meant to be a general purpose web server or scripting host.

  • @jimp thanks for replying,
    the thing is that am trying to setup an oauth2 and facebook as provider for my captive portal, so I need to install facebook SDK in pfsense right ? and to do that I had to install Composer ...
    if there's any other way around I'll be glad for any usefull information.

    thank you again for replying sir Jimp,

  • Ydrfff @ Any FB stuff on a Fwall

    I'd go for FreeRadius on another machine, and then set pfSense to use the external Freeradius