Multi-Wan single interface traffic not routing as expected

  • Due to my location, internet access is limited and i'm forced to use a WISP that provides me with hardware addressed as (GW1) and I also have a LTE router that is addressed (GW2)

    I have these two devices, and my pfsense WAN interface (addressed connected to a dumb switch completely seperate from my LAN.

    In pfsense under gateways, I have both devices set up with (GW1) as the default gateway.

    In Firewall under the LAN interface I have a pass all rule between LAN and Anywhere using GW1 as the gateway. Above this rule, I have a rule passing all traffic (all protocols) to, a specific public IP, lets say x.x.x.x specifying gateway as GW2 in the advanced settings.

    However, when I tracert x.x.x.x from pfsense or any host on the LAN it is routed via GW1 instead of GW2
    Even adding it as a static route, it still routes via GW1 despite being configured as GW2

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks :)

  • No sooner had I posted this than I got it fixed. Been working at it for hours!
    I deleted the gateway in the WAN interface configuration and now it works.

    Thanks anyway :) keep up the great work