Load balancing Servers on LAN

  • Hi Team,

    I have a query with server load balancing on pfsense version 2.4.3.

    1. There are 2 servers in in the LAN network - &
    2. A VIP has been created on pfsense for the LAN network - /24
    3. The GW is
    4. Under "Pools" created "Servers" with the IP = & on Port 80.
    5. Under "Virtual Servers" created with the VIP = /24 & Protocol TCP pointing the "Servers" pool to be load balanced.
    6. An Alias has been created with name "LB-Servers" holding IP &
    7. A firewall Rule has been added under LAN network to allow traffic to Alias "LB-Servers. "

    Q: When I check the status of Loadbalancer,

    Pools >> Servers (00.0%) (00.0%)

    Virtual Servers >> LB-Servers Down Down

    However if I change the protocol on Virtual Servers from TCP to DNS then i see,

    Virtual Servers >> LB-Servers Active Active

    Pools >> Servers (This remains the same) (00.0%) (00.0%)

    Hope this a supported configuration. Kindly share your inputs at the earliest...


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