VLAN not showing up in DHCP

  • I made a mistake with a VLAN configuration and when I modified it to what it was meant to be (There were no warnings about the DHCP server) I now cannot see my VLAN under the DHCP service, I am now getting alerts all the time such as

    Invalid DHCP pool - for VLAN20 subnet detected. Please correct the settings in Services, DHCP Server 

    alt text

    I have tried taking the working configuration from the Primary PFSense and restoring it to the second one (which is the one having this issue) and had no luck.

  • What's your subnet range in vlan20? Maybe it's not covering the address pool assigned in DHCP?

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    @benrichardson_insync said in VLAN not showing up in DHCP:

    The problem is right there :) You seem to have accidentally configured the interface with a /32 subnet mask. DHCP can not be configured when there's no address space to use ;) As you wrote about primary and secondary: did you check BOTH nodes, that both have e.g. a /24 subnet selection in their VLAN20 interface config?

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