pfSense as DHCP server without interface for each subnet

  • I have cisco L3 switch with some vlans
    my pfsense has only 1 100Mb interface, so i want to route traffic between subnets inside cisco, pfsense will route only trafic to WAN.
    pfsense config:
    WAN - int.1 - DHCP
    LAN - int.2 (
    Is it possible to create 3 DHCP subnets inside pfsense and set ip-helper to on cisco?

  • @max-pfsense said in pfSense as DHCP server without interface for each subnet:

    100Mb interface,


    Most L3 Cisco switches include a built-in DHCP server that you can configure for any of the configured VLANs...


    pfSense can only assign a DHCP server to an interface, just like any other tool..

    which I don't recommend because of port 100 (fast ethernet), but it can be a solution ...
    create VLANs in pfSense and assign a DHCP server

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