Speed issues with Pfsense.

  • I am using a WatchGuard M400. One of the guys here who has contributed a lot to getting the M400 on Pfsense setup my router and I haven't any issues until now. My M400 has an i5-4570, 8GB of RAM, and a 240GB SSD, is not slouch. lol

    I am using 2.4.5-Release-P1.

    So I have small business cable 1Gb/50Mbps service. When I plug directly into the modem using my laptop and run speed tests I get 900-950Mbps/54Mbps, I tried different speed tests each time and ended up with the same results.

    I installed the speedtest app through command and ran on my Pfsense it seems to max around 650Mbps never going any faster. I initially thought it was a problem with my switches as I have two Cisco 3560's but it's not, as I connected the modem directly to the PFSense.

    Previously I had Traffic Shaper working with my old internet. I removed the policy which hasn't helped, so I don't know if traffic shaper is the problem not?

    The previous speed I has was 300/30.

    Any help would be appreciate it.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Running the speedtest CLI test on pfSense itself is not an accurate test.

    What throughput do you see from the laptop connected to the pfSense LAN?

    An i5-4570 should have no problems at all passing 1Gbps.


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