Using DNS Resolver as authoritative

  • Hi,
    is it possible to use DNS Resolver to host an Authoritative DNS server for a domain?
    If so: how?
    I see no option to handle MX recods and the like.

  • @gianluca-macri said in Using DNS Resolver as authoritative:

    Authoritative DNS

    Ask them - the creators :
    So : no, it's a "resolver".

    "pfSense" isn't a host for a NAS, web server, mail server - any server - so not an "Authoritative DNS" neither.
    True, you can install the bind pfSense package. You'll discover that it is close to impossible to really admin such a setup : a "DNS server" (and a web servers, or mail servers, or any server demon) : adding a GUI layers just won't work very well.
    This is "IMHO" of course. As I'm using bind for my domain names for years (decades ?) now.

    A Authoritative DNS name server, one that "hosts" domain names, belongs typically on a VPS or dedicated server - lately also knows as 'a cloud thing'.
    A router and/or firewall is something that can be placed in front of a server.

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    Unbound not really meant to be authoritative - but you can for sure answer with authoritative responses, ie SOA and create pretty much any record you want.

    But your not going to be able to create those records in the gui.

    Why do you think you need a full blown authoritative NS? What exactly are you trying to do - if all you want is to respond for some MX records... Just do that in the custom option box