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  • I recently bought a SG-1100 and changed the default username/password combination. My browser (Safari) capture this combination however the stored combination does not allow me to log in. Anyone knows how to reset the unit to factory settings?

    There is a hard reset button on the back of the unit, but the documentation does not tell me if this reset the unit to factory settings.

  • The easiest solution is to remove the stored password from your browser. Here is a link to a University of Iowa (USA) web site with instructions for how to do that for several different browsers:

    For this to work, I have to assume you know what the actual login and password is and you did not have a typographical error when entering it.

    If you mistyped the password and now don't know what is actually configured in pfSense, you need to perform these steps from the official Netgate documentation: You will need your USB serial port console cable when doing that as you must be able to see the console during boot up in order to enter single-user mode.

  • Thanks bmeeks. I need to do your second suggestion.

  • This post is deleted!

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