• Ok guys I under stand PIMD is an addition to avahi,... and is designed to route igmp network packets.. in my case to support dlna traffic across subnets.
    But having trawled the inet,.. through all my fav. resources,.. not even utube has a video talking about how to setup PIMD... etc,.. most unusual,.. but I can see PIMD on pfsense is relatively new, so maybe not surprising.
    Also docs for setup seem a little sparse,.. my apologies if i have missed the obvious..
    So I get that I need to setup 'interfaces' so do I need none or all,.. if I setup a group in the main interface why cannot I reference that here,.. do I need to include my WAN,... or do I just include all the subnets (vlans) with the PIMD 'interface' tab,.. and what are BSR and RP candidates for,.. do I need to edit,.. so my questions,.. that I cannot find answers to,.. as many of the forum posts do not conclude with a solution.
    Are there some idiot guide instructions out there that would guide me. Going into melt down..
    Tx guys,.. and gals

  • Have found man pages for PIMD,.. and managed to get into pfsense command line shell stuff.
    man: pages here:- https://manpages.debian.org/testing/pimd/pimd.8.en.html

    have now configured 'General Tab':-
    pimdgeneral tab.png
    and configured each interface as follows:-
    So that I can control which interfaces are included with the scope of igmp broadcasts,.. via the 'interface Binding' options.
    I have included all local LANs,.. but excluded the WAN,...
    and under the BSR & RP Candidates I of have included the VLAN with the source of my dlna broadcasts. with nothing entered for RP Address.
    Should this be the host source of the broadcasts??

    And finally have added a rule to each local LAN network to pass advanced IP traffic to all other networks, But excluding the WAN.