• Hello.
    nanoBSD USB wireless adapter does not support ….?

    I installed CF nanoBSD in 1g and does not recognize the adapter
    wireless USB.


  • The drivers are the same as every other platform. If it's supported in FreeBSD 7.2, we support it. If not, it's not supported.

  • The adapter is an EW-edimax 7318USG.
    When I use 1.2.3-RC1 installed on HDD, whether it recognizes
    the card as Rum0.
    In nanoBSD is not recognized.


  • 1.2.3-RC1 is FreeBSD 7.1, current snapshots are 7.2. It's possible there is a regression in FreeBSD related to that card. If you put it on a full install of current 1.2.3 snapshots from http://snapshots.pfsense.org does it detect it?

  • Take the if_rum.ko File from FreeBSD CD (/boot/kernel/)

    Go in the WebGUI in "Diagnostics->Command Prompt".
    Upload File over the "Upload" function.
    The File will be upload to /tmp/

    After Upload use also in "Diagnostics->Command Prompt" the "Execute Shell command" function to move the files to the right location.
    Type in Command: "mv /tmp/*.ko /boot/kernel/" and click on "Execute"
    Now the Kernel Module are on the right location.

    Now edit the /boot/loader.conf File.
    Go on WebGUI in "Diagnostics->Edit file".
    Type in the field "Save/Load from path"  this Text: "/boot/loader.conf" and click on "Load".
    Add this 2 Lines at the end:


    and click on "Save"
    Reboot pfSense.

    Now you can Assign you card in the WebGui over "Interfaces->assign" whit the "Plus" and configure it.

  • I just noticed a kernel difference, I added rum to the embedded kernel. It'll be in the next snapshot built after this message (August 13 or newer for sure).

  • :) thank all