Layer7 don't work - ipfw_claasifyd missing!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Ermal,

    I've tried to tes Layer7 feature on 2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA releases from 20090901 to 200917, but it didn't work because
    Layer7 don't work - ipfw_claasifyd missing!!!!!!!!
    Please help…

    Thanks in advance...

  • The wol binary is also missing as far as I can tell.  Are these programs in the pfsense-tools distribution?  Can someone give me a pointer on where to look to find out why these various programs are not being added to the snapshots?

  • The wol binary has been fixed.  I am working with Ermal to get ipfw-classifyd compiling out of the box on a brand new install.  Every time we move the snapshot builder servers there are issues.

  • Should be fixed too.
    Check next snapshots.

  • Yesterdar prove the last version of PFsense 2.0 Alpha and LAYER7 still don't work, when i want to blick http or other rule nothing happends, is like layer doesn't exist..

  • Give me more details otherwise to me is just wrong reporting.

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