Slow WAN on 1.2.3 rc3

  • Hi Pfsense….

    Just upgraded from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 rc3 due to the facts that we need
      support for INTEL igb drivers , on dedicated 100 mbit line.

    We have a supermicro server 5500 nehalem 2.33 Ghz with 2 igb and
      2 em netcards...

    We are not using any traffic shaping and just copied or setup from
      the 1.2.2 setup....

    After the upgrade i can not move more that 2.5 mBit over SSH on a
      20 mbit line the numbers before was ca 14-15 mbit....

    Someone has the same problem ???????



  • SSH is not a valid test of speed.  Try using a speedtest website to get a baseline, or better yet, put the machine on a test network and use a network traffic generator to stress test your device.  Tools like IPerf are excellent for this purpose.

  • Agreed.  I was seeing about 12mb/sec between my pfsense gateway and my main linux server, despite being on a gig switch.  I installed iperf and tested both ways and get about 800mb/sec.

  • Yes i have solved the problem , please check the link perry send…

    Thanks a lot , now it's much much faster....


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