Kb + Kilobits – interface BUG ? (Urgent)

  • There is a bug or an error in the "Firewall: Shaper: Queues: Edit" section.
    i was editing the qWanRoot and noticed that two selections that mean the same on the list. next to the number field there was an option for "Kb" and "Kilobits"
    there is nothing for KB or Kilobytes.

    so my question now is .. are those two intentionally the same or is one supposed to mean Kilobytes and is a typo?

    because obviously if i enter 768Kbits (my connection) and the system had selected KB that would really screw up my traffic shapping.

    currently i selected "Kilobits" … i hope i did right?

    please advise.

  • I think this is just a confusing thing about the form.  There are not really two entries I can see.  If you set one of the other entries which are spelled out, I believe you will see the first entry change to the short form of that (e.g. kb instead of kilobits).

  • thanks

    it would be nice to be sure about this since it can make a difference in the traffic shaping

    on a side note, when i enabled traffic shaping wizard the first time i did notice it  sort of slowed things down so maybe this has something to do with it?
    being that i may have selected KB instead of kb and it translated wrong.

    someone who can trace the code for this will help out.. please.

  • I actually did look at the php code, and it does look like it is doing what I said.  If you can prove otherwise, I am happy to be corrected :)

  • ok
    so for my scenario of 768 down and 256 up.
    do i pick kb or the full word spelled out?
    pls advise.

  • what i am trying to say is that kb is the current choice.  i am betting that if you pick 'kilobits', and the look again, it will still say kb.  for an experiment: change it to 2 megabits, and then when you look, i'm guessing it will say 'mb'.  obviously you don't want to leave it that way, just to prove/disprove the theory for your peace of mind.

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