Traffc Shaper in 1.2.3 is wors than 1.2.2

  • I updated the pfsense a week ago on my ALIX board. Everythings went well expect the ping became very high.
    I uploaded my old 1.2.2 config, which was tweaked for my 8M/512K DSL connection. I didn't have any problem so far in 1.2.2 the ping never reached 150ms.
    In 1.2.3 I get 500ms ping on traffic load and I can't get better result. Any idea?

  • Upgrading now, I have a pretty sophisticated traffic shaping config for a 7x768 cable connection, I will let you know if mine does the same thing, or not. My ping to google in my area is around 30ms all the time, has been for a few years.

  • I will agree it's not as good, as my ping went from solid 30 to initial ping of 40-65 with successive pings falling to 30-35. Same rules, same cable. I guess there is just more going on with this version.

  • Maybe you should try pfsense 2.0 beta, I'm tempted to… things aren't working out for me too well in 1.2.3 as well

  • 2.0-beta does not work really good. I have two LAN interfaces and one WAN and the shaper wizard doesn't even complete with 2.0. Still very buggy this beast…

    Went back to 1.2.3

  • I think im getting the same thing:,22353.0.html

    It honestly looks like it's not doing anything. Currently downloading some torrents and everything has come to a crawl.

  • I just upgraded from 1.2-RC3 (LOL) to 1.2.3 and upon testing with many users, I found spikes to 2000ms… using 85% of my actual connection speed, and putting unimportant traffic to queue prio 2,3 (with upper limit at another 85% off qW/Lanroot) while default is 4. I get heavy spikes and delay even for traffic under q6..

    Configuration is 95% the same as 1.2-RC3.. yea something just isn't right...

    nat reflection isn't quite working as well....

    1.2.3 is urgh... now i'm tempted to try 2.0.

  • I can confirm that. I moved from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 and ping issues started with nearly the same configuration.

    That kind of suck cause I mainly choosed pfsense for it traffic shaper and it seems that the stable version with proper shaper would be 1.2.2 only which is somehow not stable on my net5500 box :(

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