Package installation possible BUG

  • File /etc/inc/
    Func install_package_xml

    		/*   if a require exists, include it.  this will
    		 *   show us where an error exists in a package
    		 *   instead of making us blindly guess
    		if($pkg_config['include_file'] <> "") {
    			$static_output = "Loading package instructions...";
    			fwrite($fd_log, "require_once('include_file')\n");
    # here variable $config['installedpackages']['package'][$pkgid]['name']  is exists
    # here variable $config['installedpackages']['package'][$pkgid]['name']  undefined

    If i install package squid3 (and other), then i have installed menu/service/package but not in installed_packages list.

  • This sounds like the same thing I'm seeing with the OpenVPN Client Export package, it works fine, but it's not listed for uninstall. I opened a ticket, if you find a cause dvserg please comment on this ticket.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I thought I opened a ticket for this but perhaps not.

    Any time a require is done on something that includes again, it blows away $config and package data is lost.

    Usually this can be fixed by altering the package's .inc file to stop including things that are no longer necessary.

  • Maybe say what config already loaded ?

    ! do not reload config file from packages include !

    global $config_inc_loaded ;
    $config_inc_loaded = true;

    My packages after reinstall is showed in installed list.

  • is not anymore required neither exists in 2.0 !

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it's not supposed to exist on 2.0, perhaps it should be removed during upgrades. It's still present on my 2.0 test box.

  • Probably need make temporary fix. This behavior can crash of config.xml.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Ermal, is it really supposed to be gone in 2.0? I still show it as being present in the git repo in etc/inc/

    And it's still included in quite a few places in /etc/rc, and in /usr/local/www and I imagine it is used in other places as well.

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