Failover NOT working on 1.2.3-RC1

  • Hello,

    I'm having a hard time with the pfsense recognizing one of the WAN ports being down, which is then supposed to switch to the failover WAN automatically.

    I have it setup where each WAN interface is pinging its gateway.  The ONLY way the pfsense will come online using a different WAN connection, is by rebooting the pfsense box.

    I'm using the embedded version 1.2.3-RC1 on mini PC, which has a built-in NIC and I have also added PCI NIC.

    WAN1 & WAN2 are setup to DHCP and they both work individually.  However, the failover is failing.

    WAN1 Gateway =
    WAN2 Gateway =

    The default rules are setup in the Firewall.

    I have included couple of pics of my setup.

    Any suggestions?  Thanks for the help.

  • Here's another bit of info, which may or may not help…..

    When WAN1 & WAN2 are online (I confirm by pinging them from outside the network), I then try to ping their respective gateways directly from the pfsense box, and I get replies (as i should).

    However, when I try to ping google's IP through WAN1 I get reply, but from WAN2 it times out.

    This happens regardless of the fact, whether I have loadbalance setup or not.

    Any ideas?  Thanks.

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