No shell after upgrade

  • Hi,

    I just did an upgrade to 20100305-0535 and now the machine boots an routes my traffic but the last line that is presented to be is: Bootup Complete
    I can login by ssh, it accepts my private key and then i get nothing.

    It shows the characters i type but does not respond if it is an command, same is for the console.
    I can shutdown the machine by pressing the powerbutton once. But after a reboot there is nothing more then before.

    [update] When i hit CRTL-C in a ssh session it will close and disconnnect [/update]

    I hope someone can help me out of this situation :-)

    Kind Regards, Marcus

  • FWIIW, I have seen this as well, and have not had the time to troubleshoot.  As the OP writes, the firewall appears to work just fine. CTL-C at console get you nowhere as it does not respond to entering an alternative shell.

  • I fixed it by grabbing the /cf/config/config.xml of the system by live cd and reinstalling (with a newer snapshot).
    I must say that i had removed the Captive Portal from the config prior to loading it back.

    Now the system is back up and running.

  • That's caused by some sort of locking regression in PHP or FreeBSD, we're not yet sure which. There's a work around in snapshots in the past day or two.

  • Using  "pfSense-2.0-BETA1-1g-20100309-0142-nanobsd.img.gz" on a Firebox X700 and getting the same, no response from console after "Bootup complete" message

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