WAN Load Balancing Uneven

  • I realize pfsense can use either round-robin or a weighed round robin, but I often saturate one wan while the other one is not heavily utilized.  Is there a way for pfsense to use the least "used/busy/saturated" WAN connection based on the up/dl bandwidth that I specify.  I saw such a box in an office building many years ago, and a feature such as this is what I seem to need.   thanx…

  • Hi!
    I've the same question and didn't find a good answer in the forum.
    maybe one of the pfsense gurus can help Us?

  • No this is currently not possible.

  • I'm seeing a situation where users of some high speed sites which do not allow multiple/segmented downloads & pfsense will saturate or nearly saturate one of my wan, however somehow another users starts another download, it still somehow gets round robined to the already saturated line.  I tried a weighed round robin, but it only worked briefly as connection patterns changes.  Latency then goes thru the roof on the saturated line. I'm just trying to find a way to even out the usage based on user bandwidth utilization rather that round-robin so as to use both lines evenly.

    I just went searching around on google for a way & it seems to be quite expensive…  oh well...

  • There's no way to accommodate that type of balancing with PF, it's simply round robin on a connection basis, which is usually fine but has its caveats.

  • I did a google search on the matter and they all seem to point to a company called peplink.  After looking at there specs, it offered 7 different load balance algorithms in addition to round-robin, I guess:

    Least Used
    Lowest Latency Load Balancing Algorithms

    Does anyone know if they work or lockup under heavy load?  Their prices are too high, in my opinion…  Sure wish pfsense offers a few more algorithms to utilize my wans more efficiently.  Or perhaps thru addons....???

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