What do you use for algorithm?

  • I have a 20mb/5mb connection.  Until recently, I was using the default HFSC, but all I really care about is 256kb or so for outbound VOIP.  I ended up changing to PRIQ, so there are 3 queues: voip at 7, ack at 6 and default at 3.  Is there any real reason to use one versus the other with such a simple set of requirements?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I believe the main difference is that PRIQ will reorder packets so that the higher priority ones are passed first, and can't control bandwidth used in the way that HSFC can.

    If you really want to reserve that bandwidth for VoIP, you may have better luck with HFSC. (but I may be wrong here, someone who knows the altq innards better than I do would probably know for certain)

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