• After searching all over the place I finally found ntop as I assume it is what took up all my HDD.  When you uninstall a package how can you get rid of all the other crap it left behind.  As I think it left 10 gig worth of logs behind and deleting that using WINSCP seems to take forever.

    I used putty and selected 8) shell from the menu and used rm -r ntop to try and delete it but it seems to take forever too.

    Is there a better way?

  • I have the same issue… ntop took over my hd! in the end I wiped the drive and reinstalled.  I assume it was logs or something.  Any support from anyone?

  • I assume it was loging stats for ALL hosts,  for example it was logging every ip/website statistics anyone visited.  It is anoying when all I want is the LAN ips logged with some basic stats stored like total MB sent/recieved.  But for some reason it is no longer giving me the number value beside the graphs either I just get the graphs.

    Sort given up on ntop.