Please need help for this problem.

  • Hi. Please I need help to configure my dual wan setup. I am sure I did something wrong that’s why my load balance is not working. For example I am seeing my both wan is online but my only one connection is using. Cause when I speed test or either surfing its very slow.

    I have 2 adsl connection from same ISP. My primary wan speed is 8 mbps and second one 24 mbps. but my load balancer is not working.

    I have 26 workstation in my network. It’s a internet café.

    Even if my primary wan goes down my all internet goes down.. so it means failover also not working.

    My current setup like this.

    8 mbps primary Adsl modem setup.

    Bridge Mode.

    Modem Ip =

    DHCP = Disable

    Pfsense primary setup for 8 mbps primary Adsl modem

    Ppope – user name and password

    24 mbps second Adsl Modem Setup

    PPope,  user name and password

    DHCP = Enable

    Modem ip =

    Pfsense opt1 setup for 24 mbps second Adsl Modem


    Ip address –

    Gateway –

    . I attach all the picture what I did on configuration page.

    Please let me know what I did wrong. So that I can fix it. I will wait for the answer. Thank you. Please try to help me. Its very important …..God bless

    ![loadblance Pro.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/loadblance Pro.JPG)
    ![loadblance Pro.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/loadblance Pro.JPG_thumb)

  • please help me. why my load-balance and failover is not working.

    i can ping both my wan connection from pfsense.and i can see all my connection is green on load-blance status.

    i can access my both wan's modem also from my lan.

    my both modem setup as a ppope. my modem's getting public ip. and pfsense as a DHCP for both wan.

    I am uploading my all picture for help. Please help me

  • my other picture.

    thse are my current setup. please help me. how can i fix this problem. thank you

    ![loadblance pool.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/loadblance pool.JPG)
    ![loadblance pool.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/loadblance pool.JPG_thumb)

    ![static route.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/static route.JPG)
    ![static route.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/static route.JPG_thumb)

  • Really dont know why i am not getting any help. please help me. i cant fix it. my load balance and failover is not working. but i am seeing my both wan is online on pfsense. please what i have to do for this problem.
    I will wait for the help. thank you

  • Thanks to God. That At last I able made it. I am very very happy now. Its working now like a charm.though i have little problem on delay. other wise everything is working. My load Balancer and fail-over all working. I will try to solve the delay when my second wan goes online. Thank you very very much Pfsense and the Developer that they made a such a great Product. I am glad that i am using it. Thank you all and God bless all. Ba bye

  • I see you're double-NATed (your 'routers'  that your pfSense box is plugged into are also NAT routers themselves) - this can cause some complications and confusion.

    I would suggest you make sure that under WAN you have disabled (no checkmark in) the "Block Private (RFC 1918) addresses" - that could cause a number of issues.

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