TRaffic shaping on 2.0 x86 dont reach 100% of interface bandwidth

  • Using traffic assistant multi wan and multilan it uses 50% of bandwidth. for example in my case:

    WAN (2Mb)
    –Internet Queue (2Mb)
              |___ qAck (19%)
              |___ qDefault (9,9%)
              |___ qP2P (4,95%)
              |___ qVoIP (512Kb)
              |___ qOthersHigh(9,9%)
              |___ qOtherLow(4,95%)
    The percent values only reach 50% and bandwidth for VoIP is only 25% then I think 25% will be unused beacuse is not included at any Queue and should be at qdefault queue raising it to 34,9%.

    When I do this all traffic incoming that is not HTTP dont reach servers on DMZ, LAN or VPNs.

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