Dual WAn / load balance not working.

  • Thank you in advance for any and all help….

    I will try to explain my situation.

    I was running 1.2.3 with dual wan / loadballancing and failover without any problems.

    I have just installed
    2.0-BETA4 (i386)
    built on Sun Aug 22 06:39:51 EDT 2010
    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE

    LAN with Static ip
    WAN with static ip and gateway
    OPT1 with static ip and gateway

    lan is connected to 8 port switch ----> pc's
    WAN is connected directly to DSL modem (static ip
    OPT1 is connected directly to DSL modem (static ip

    I have also created Gateways"
    Name          Interface    Gateway            Monitor IP            Description

    BackupADSL  OPT1      Backup     
    MainADSL    WAN        Main ADSL

    Gateway Groups
    Group Name                          Gateways                      Priority                        Description 
    LoadBalancer                        BACKUPADSL                  Tier 1
                                              MAINADSL                    Tier 1                          LoadBalancer

    My issue is ALL trafic is going through the WAN/Main ADSL

    I can ping both modems from the PFSENSE ping command but have obviously missed something to make it load balance.

    Any helpwill be appreciated.

  • Plz share…

  • It was so simple….

    I had forgot to change the gateway to "LoadBalancer" in my instance

    In the firewall - rules - LAN

    ID  Proto    Source          Port  Destination      Port      Gateway          Queue    Schedule  Description

    *      LAN net          *          *                *      LoadBalancer                      none    Default allow LAN to any rule (LOADBALANCE AND FAILO

    I hope this helps

  • Thanks!

    That was just the little piece I missed all the time to finally get the loadbalancer working  :D

    Best regards,


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