Draytek - pfSense established but no traffic

  • Hi,
    I have managed to connect a Draytek Vigor 2820 using lan-to-lan with pfSense, but cannot get any traffic to pass through it. TCPDUMP shows there is traffic going in and out of pfSense.

    When pinging a host from a NAT machine on the pfSense side:
    16:23:22.272130 IP (pfsense) > (office): AH(spi=0x1ba4eac7,seq=0x9f): IP > ICMP echo request, id 34350, seq 8, length 64 (ipip-proto-4)
    When pinging a host from a NAT machine in the office:
    16:24:37.185381 IP (office) > (pfsense): AH(spi=0x058e938a,seq=0x3d2): IP > ICMP echo request, id 24836, seq 1, length 64 (ipip-proto-4)

    I see no replies when pinging, and similar tcpdump traffic when attempting to connect to any TCP ports but no successful connection.
    I have an allow all rule on the IPSec tab of the firewall rules - am I missing anything else?


  • Solved - I was using AH in phase 2. Changed to ESP and everything worked fine.

  • Hi,

    would you share what configuration you used, I'm struggling with a 2800 at the moment?


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