• Hello,

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but why isn't there device/kernel polling in pfsense.
    I am currently running m0n0wall on my WRAP, but would like to use pfsense.
    Only running on pfsense i get a big cpu-load, and running m0n0wall with the polling option enabled the load is almost none.

    why is this?


  • Check system>advanced in the webgui. You find Polling at the "miscelaneous" section.

  • ow, ok, i didn't know it was available in pfsense at the moment. Last time i used pfsense it wasn't there.

  • Hello, I'm running pfsense at the moment, found the polling option, but it seems is doesn't help on my WRAP.
    With m0nowall it made i big improvement, but with pfsense i don't see any diff.
    How can i check if it does work or not?


  • It does work, however, kernelpolling has a lot of timings that should be tweaked to the appropriate platform/cpu performance. m0n0 aims at slow hardware and has an image for each platform which makes it possible to supply different sets for different hardware. As  pfsense has only a general image supplying different optimizations is not that easy (unless we add some kind of pulldown menu with different optimizations or even a tweak page). This is something we already have discussed and even  tested different settings with a wrap (see http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=Tuning ) and might appear in a version after 1.0.