What will be the gateway of the workstations to work on my squid?

  • newbie here,

    here's my setup in my pfsense box.

    em0 - LAN - (pfsense management)
    em1 - WAN -  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    em2 - VLAN1 - (voice)
            VLAN2 - (data/agents pc)
            VLAN3 - (servers)

    what will be the gateway i will use in my per subnet pc?

    thank you.

  • The gateway will be the gateway for the physical network or VLAN the client is connected to, that you're using squid doesn't change the basics of networking.

  • just want to make it clear, correct me if i am wrong. this will be the setup of their gateway per subnet.

    em0 - LAN    - (gw:
    em2 - VLAN1  - (gw:
            VLAN2  - (gw:
            VLAN3  - (gw:

    these will work per computer in per subnet as their gateway?

    thank you again.

  • From what you have posted, yes.

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