Viewing Automatic Outbound Nat rules

  • Hello am having with my setup. I have 2 PFsense routers connected trough IPsec and a openvpn roadwarrior connection to PF1. But ever sins I set Outbound NAT to manual to have internet on the roadwarrior via PF1. it creates an issue between PF1 and PF2, the issue only arises once every week but they lose connection between PF1 and 2

    racoon: ERROR: phase1 negotiation failed due to time up. 9d096a48d0469ca1:0000000000000000

    The only change that I have made sins these errors started is have internet flow via PF1 by changing NAT to manual. The current manual rules are:

    WAN | Openvpn subnet
    WAN | Any

    By knowing which rules are created in auto mode I hope to solve my issue. But any insight into my problem would be much appreciated

    Added a screanshot of the outbound rules

  • The only difference between what you have and the automatic rules is the source "any" also applies to traffic initiated by the firewall itself, if you're using a CARP IP for IPsec that would break its outbound traffic.

  • At the moment am not using CARP. Perhaps using openvpn for the site to site connection would be wise, Sins am not using filtering on vpn-traffic at this moment

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