Two WAN Slow Ping

  • I have configured pfSense with 3 NIC.

    LAN -
    WAN -
    OPT1(VPN) - Public_IP_A

    The WAN interface gateway goes to another gateway with 2 NIC.

    LAN -
    WAN - Public_IP_B

    The OPT1(VPN) handles all the VPN tunnels. But the internet connection should go to the WAN gateway and have access on Public_IP_B.

    When i try to ping the VPN interface on another Public IP address let say Public_IP_C, the response time is very slow, around 1000ms. Is this caused by my configuration on pfSense? I not sure if my configuration causes the error. I am new to gateway networking and would like to ask your opinion. Thanks.

  • Do a traceroute from your client to this client. Note which hop adds the long delays. Is it right behind the pfSense?

  • Yes, when I use trace route from Public_IP_C to Public_IP_A all the routes are fast around 30 - 40ms except for Public_IP_A which has around 1000ms.

    I'm currently using pfsense 1.0 RC2 on this setup, if that may help. Thanks.

  • RC2 is unsupported. It's too old. There are already release versions out for some month. Please upgrade first. I recommend using a snapshot from .

  • Oh. so it means there maybe a problem with my pfSense being out-of-date. thanks. I'm upgrading as i write this.

  • I am happy to inform all that the above configuration is working great on the new update of pfSense. Thanks for all the help. Now, I regularly will check for any latest Snapshots here. Thanks again…

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