• I've noticed with the last few versions I've had to try to upload the firmware more then once.

    I'll click browse, find the file, and as soon as I click to upload the firmware I instantly get a 'page cannot be displayed' error.  Sometimes I have to try 2-3 times.  I'm using IE, which is probably what you're going to blame :P

  • Sorry, can't duplicate the problem here.

  • It's weird, because it's not just on one computer.  It's all my computers (running XP Pro), including a computer with a fresh install.  I haven't tried upgrading the firmware from a linux machine yet.  Next time there is an update I'll give it a try.

  • I have been getting this error on IE also…. if i hit back and resubmit, it seems to work.  I tried with Firefox and and I get the following sometimes:

  • Thats old stuff from the upload progress bar.  I've just removed the old code.

  • I've been getting the same behavior. If I log in via SSH before hitting 'Upgrade Firmware', the session locks up for several seconds. The terminal becomes responsive around the same time the browser comes back with a 'timed out' error.

    Interestingly enough, if I check /var/log/system.log, I see the following message with a timestamp choresponding to every upgrade attempt:
    Jan 15 01:38:12 stubbs kernel: vr0: watchdog timeout

    The system is a Via EPIA-5000 board, using the onboard NIC as the LAN interface and an Atheros MiniPCI A/B/G card as the WAN.

  • Well, I dont kow how your configuration is, but in my case I use the webgui with https and a different port than 443.  So I've noticed that every time I try to install a firmware update using the url:  https://pfbox:4430 it brings me an error of "page not found".

    But if I change the configuration to http on port 80, it works fine, so maybe it's a problem with the links on the script.

    In fact I've been getting this kind of error since B1, I'm actually using B2-BV5, and I did forgot to mention this on the forums  :-[ .

    I hope this may help you, while the code it's fixed…

  • I am having the same problem going from 1.0 Release to 1.0.1. I have changed the http port back to 80 and the "The page cannot be displayed" error goes away but when I hit Upgrade it just sits there and the IE status bar slowly starts going from left to right but the upgrade never starts.

  • Use firefox.