Two Networks one Cup

  • so I have two networks at the same location.

    I have x.x.2.0 /24
    and i have x.x.102.0 /24

    I have pfsense firewall setup with a vpn back to the main office.  the x.x.102.0 /24 network is setup to use this connection
    this is on a comcast connection

    The other connection is a  x.x.2.0/24 mpls connection through a cisco router  which goes back to the main office.
    the main office is x.x.5.0/24

    using pfsense how can I router traffic between x.x.0 /24 and x.x.102.0 with out going over the vpn firewall both networks sit in the same room and I can easily cable them between each other, but right now if x.x.102.0 wants to talk to x.x.2 it goes over the vpn then back through the mpls I want to route between x.x.2.0 and x.x.102 between pfsense and my mpls router.

    how would I go about doing this ?

    thank you.

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