Kernel: carp3: incorrect hash

  • i have 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-07-01-2007 built on Sun Jan 7 18:51:58 EST 2007

    i add carp type to vip x.x.x.2 to 10 mask 24
    ( vip pwd: test, different vhid (2 to 10) )

    error on log:
    kernel: carp2: incorrect hash
    kernel: carp3: incorrect hash
    kernel: carp4: incorrect hash
    kernel: carp5: incorrect hash

    any suggestion?

  • VHIDS + Passwords must match up on each CARP cluster member.

  • thanks for help.

    all vhids and password mismatch each vip carp

    but this error on log again

    kernel: carp0: incorrect hash
    kernel: carp1: incorrect hash
    kernel: carp2: incorrect hash
    php: /firewall_virtual_ip.php: CARP: 3 < 2
    php: /firewall_virtual_ip.php: CARP: 3 < 2

    and any modify or deleting, hang up.

  • So you have unique passwords and unique VHIDs?

  • yes

  • vip 1
    type: carp iface: wan ip: x.x.x.4/24 vip pwd: 1 vhid grp: 4 adv freq: 0
    vip 2
    type: carp iface: wan ip: x.x.x.5/24 vip pwd: 2 vhid grp: 5 adv freq: 0
    vip 3
    type: carp iface: wan ip: x.x.x.6/24 vip pwd: 3 vhid grp: 6 adv freq: 0
    vip 4
    type: carp iface: wan ip: x.x.x.7/24 vip pwd: 4 vhid grp: 7 adv freq: 0

    and problem again

    kernel: carp3: incorrect hash
    kernel: carp4: incorrect hash

    thanks for help

  • Besides of these errors does it work? What does status>failover(carp) show on both machines?

  • carp status
    carp0 x.x.x.4  MASTER green
    carp1 x.x.x.5  MASTER green
    carp2 x.x.x.6  MASTER green
    carp3 x.x.x.7  MASTER green

    i have single pf, no cluster (c class ip's)

  • Any chance that there is something like vrrp or something similiar at WAN? This traffic somehow is similiar like CARP and can cause such messages.

  • pf log have

    php: /interfaces_wan.php: CARP: 251 < 251

    now 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-12-04-2006, clean install
    old backup, restored.
    and 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007 applied.

    no problem.

  • @ugur:

    php: /interfaces_wan.php: CARP: 251 < 251

    This message is informational only and was being used for debugging at some point and was accidently left in.  Just ignore it.

  • thanks for yours help

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