NAT 1:1

  • Dear all,
    I have more problem about to configure the Nat 1:1. I need to make Pubblic IP–--> Internal-IP. I following step bye step how describe on the Guide but doesen't work from the server (internal Ip) i don't surfing .From the another one client in the network is OK.
    please helpme how do it

  • please post a screenshot of you NAT rule and then tell us to which IP it should be NATed.
    Are you using 2.0RC ?

  • I added a screenshot of my pfsense:

    It NAT on WAN1
    protocol to use is TCP
    Source address and port is "any"

    destination address is the IP of my WAN1 interface (my public IP or my dyndns)
    destination port is the port I come in on WAN1

    NAT IP and NAT port is the IP and port of my internal server.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You also need to have a Virtual IP setup for the public IP you are using in the 1:1 NAT. Proxy ARP, IP Alias, CARP, etc.

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