• here's my setup
    70.90.xx.xx /29(wan 1)–-----+
    70.90.xx.xx /29(wan2/opt1)---+

    now we have wan 1 with 5 usable ip's
    i''m assigning one of my available ip's on wan1 to forward to my ssh server at
    70.90.xx.123/32 ->

    i've set this up to 1:1 nat and have the firewall rules to pass traffic
    but when i try  to access the box i get nothing..

    any ideas as to why this is not working? using the  latest 1.0.1

  • I would recommend as a starting point to try tcpdump on both WAN and LAN interface.
    See if there are

    1. Packets coming to the WAN IF on port 22(or whatever port you use on the WAN IF for SSH).
    2. Packets being routed out on the LAN IF to port 22 and correct internal IP address.

    I would try from a secure shell or local console tcpdump -i ifname -n port 22 on the WAN IF
    and then later(or running two shells at the same time) the same, tcpdump -i ifname -n port 22.

    You can get the ifname of the WAN, OPT1 and LAN from the web gui Diagnostics/Interfaces, they
    are written next to the WAN, LAN and OPT1 text.

    That will at least tell you if packets are being transmitted somewhere in to your internal network.

  • You need to make sure you created the appropriate Virtual IPs. Also you will need Firewall rules to allow the traffic.