WAN –>PfSense --> 2 vlan

  • I got PfSense 2.0RC3, three NIC, one from my ISP (WAN Rl0), one lan re0  static ip The last NIC ale0 got as static ip. Both are in the same subnet, In the firewall i added a rule on the ale0 card so the internet works.  I now want the computers on re0 and ale0 to see each other. I got one server on 192.168.0.* witch the computers on 192.168.1.* needs to reach.

    ISP -->PfSense

    Is that possible? Do I have to add a new rule in the firewall? Any settings in DHCP?
    Sorry for my english

  • you need to add a rule on LAN and OPT1 to allow traffic from LAN –> OPT1 and from OPT1 --> LAN

    no special settings are required for dhcp. If you want pfsense to hand out address' then you just need to fill in the start and end address'

  • DHCP is activated on both cards, 192.168.0./24 on LAN and 192.168.1./24 on the other.

    Rule on LAN
    Source: LAN subnet Destination: OPT1 subnet

    Rule on OPT1
    Source: OPT1 Subnet Destination: LAN Subnet

    Ports and protocoll is set to any.
    This doesent work, or shoult I have some other settings?

  • that should work ….

    you can't ping any address' ??

    you are sure clients on both ends have the correct gateway filled in ?

    check firewall logs for any blocks that are relevant

  • timeout when Im trying to ping :-
    The log only shows wan, nothing from lan. Any setting for this? I used Status–>system logs-->Firewall

    Gateway on LAN is
    Gateway on OPT1 is

    The same adress as the interfaces have. Should they have the same gateway?

  • that should be all okay …

    provide some screenshot's of your firewall rules / interface pages so we can figure out what is wrong

  • It work now! It was the windows firewall on the computers with windows7. The server with w2003 and the xp machine worked, i tested on them and then the light went up, its windows again;) Thanks for all the help!:D

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