• Hello, im setting up an IPSEC VPN between a pfSense and a Cisco 1841, the thing is between this two there is a Router that is NATing the pfSense trafic. What i did is redirecting port 500 to the pfSnese but im still having some problems. Do i need to set NAT-T ??

    My Set UP is:
    Phase 1 3DES,SHA1, pre-shared-key
    Phase 2 ESP-3DES, SHA1

    Well thats all, thx

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    NAT-T would be the way to go there, if you can. Otherwise you're almost guaranteed some kind of breakage.

    Note you also need to forward back the entire ESP protocol, not just udp/500 (and udp/4500 for NAT-T)

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