Alix, could not map interupt

  • Dear all,

    I have a strange problem after installig the pfsense 2.0 rc3 on my alix 2d3.
    The bootup it selfeis not a problem, but after booting up i can only see one of the three build in NICs.

    After searching a bit, i founda error message during boot up. It shows up during initialising vr1 and 2 which are the two interfaces which i am missing.
    The error message is: could not map interupt

    Does anybody has an idea how to solve this issue.

    Thanks for your help.


  • –-Issue solved----

    It was a wrong FW updatet i did. The alix3 update is also working on alix2 but  it causing some problems.

    But now i know that a wrong FW is not crashing your alix.

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