How install on HP Proliant with embedded RAID controller

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    Dear all,
    I'm trying to install pfSense on a HP Proliant
    DL 320 which have an embedded Raid 0/1 controller
    and 2 SATA drive attached in Raid 1 configuration
    (this because I would like to set up also
    A Proxy Server - SQUID)

    Starting from Live-Cd all work fine but when I chosen the 99 option
    (install on hard drive) the procedure do not find any hard drive.

    I see on hardware compatibility list that are supported the HP Smart Array 5
    with the ‘ciss’ driver.

    Some one could give me some detail about the correct procedure to install
    pfSense in such platform.

    Thanks a lot in advance, best regards,


  • as long as the controller is not supported in freebsd 6.2 there will be no possibility to install pfsense on it.
    have a look if there are some drivers for freebsd or if you are able to install freebsd on the proliant server…

    if that works, there might be some possibilities to solve this problem...

  • I tried to install FreeBSQ 6.2 and this work fine.
    The installation process detect the hard drive installed …

    Some other suggestion to perform the pfSense installation?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Are you using 1.0.1 release or a snpshotbuild? The releaseversion is based on freebsd 6.1 whereas the snapshots run 6.2. Try a recent snapshot from . If it works with freebsd 6.2 the snapshot should work as well.

  • Thanks a lot.
    Now everythinks work fine!