Route all traffic trough external proxy

  • Hello.

    I have a problem with my pfsense setup.
    i am running Pfsense 2.0

    I want to route all traffic to a external proxyserver,
    But i want it to be transparent, so i dont have to type in the proxy information on every client on the lan side.

    My setup:

    Wan: 10.70/16 -> Lan:
    Proxyserver i want to route traffic to:

    Yes i know the wan address is an internal ip range, but this is an internal network i have setup at my workplace.

    Until now, i have been using Squid in transparent mode, but that only routes port 80 trough the external proxy.
    but i want to route all ports.

    Is this possible to fix?

    Thanks for answers.

  • Proxy is for http protocol. Squid can proxy http,FTP,https but cannot proxy ssh for example.

    Redirect all ports to squid will not work.

    You have to find a proxy for each protocol you want to use and https can't be transparent for many reasons.

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