How Multi-WAN failover work ?

  • Hello,

    Because I have to do the same thing under openBSD (I can't use pfsense for this project), I want to know how multi-wan failover is made on pfsense.
    Did somebody can give me the solution or a clue ?


    ps : sorry for my english, I'm french !

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    There are many tutorials on the doc wiki and forum for that. Some searching should have turned up several good results.

    Here is the main guide for 2.0:

  • Jimp, I don't think you take the time to read my post !

    I do lot of searchs on the wiki and the forum and already know how to do this with pfsense, and I use it for some projects.

    My question is about how Multi-WAN failover is done by pfsense on the underlying FreeBSD to be able to do the same thing on OpenBSD.

    It's the reason why I have but my question on the development board, I want to know how they have coded that. I don't think that the usual pfsense user know how this is made !
    You move my topic in a board where nobody could answer it.  :-[

  • It uses a userland daemon that monitors the links and then regenerates the rules configured on events.

    Though it will take time for you to regenerate that :) i can say for sure.
    pfSense also is an integrated system from which you cannot, easily, extract this kind of bits.

  • thank's a lot for this constructive reply.

    I already search for a simple way to do this and don't find it. I hoped that you find a easy trick to do the job but you made it the hard (and the bettest) way !

    It seem that it is effectively too hard and too long to port and I will have to use a simplest and less elegant way to do it.

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