• Hi, got a LAN with a bridge (one local and one remote one location to another, and we share the same LAN.
    I need to block the traffic that came across the bridge, but need to be able to connect from local to the other side of the bridge.
    I cannot separate the LAN, it is possible to make a rule to filter the traffic incoming from the and
    Any advice is really appreciated, please link me a guide or article.

  • You can block only if the traffic is destined for the other side of the firewall. In your case, I think you need to specify source IP and destination IP so you don't end up blocking everything.
    For your bridge, did you disable filtering (the firewall) in the advanced properties?

  • Hi sorry for the delayed reply, it means that adding a NIC and connecting the  local access point of the bridge to the NIC, I can filter the traffic that came in the LAN passing by the

    so I can make a firewall rule that says block interface OPT source  destination all -  that block all traffic caming from the ap.
    and other rules that make the traffic pass for certain Ip.
    is this correct?

    about the bridge I haven't disabled the filtering.