All but one of my computers can route over to my other subnet.

  • I have 20+ systems and they all can access the other subnet just fine. I picked up 3 new aspire S3 notebooks and the 2 work fine but the 3rd cannot access the resources on the other subnet. After reloading windows 7 and drivers with no change, I went out an picked up another Aspire S3. Now with the new Aspire i have the same problem. If i replace the PFsense with a basic linksys router the Aspire notebook that dose not work starts working. So I know that the Cisco and the PFsense boxes are working fine, it must be the pfsense box thats the problem.

    Here is my network setup.

    Acer –> PFsense router LAN --> Cisco router --> WAN MPLS network --> Cisco Router> PFsense LAN --> server

    I can ping the server and tracert to the server but i cannot access the server resources (file shares, website)

    PFsense route setting to

    PFsense route setting to

  • check pfsense Subnet mask u can set /8 for full subnet

  • Have you tried disabling the firewall in Windows entirely?

  • Windows firewall on/off no change

  • f you can ping and tracert the destination and have no ports blocked in firewall rules and other clients from the same network/location/subnet work ….

    then i'm guessing the destination is blocking access, i highly doubt this has anything todo with pfsense

    check if your 'server' does not block that client, or if you have an ip-conflict (multiple devices with same ip)

  • The server does not block acces i tested that.  If i take my pfsesne box out and replace it with a linksys basic router then my notebook connects just fine to the server. I also reloaded my firewall box with pfsense 2.0 (to make sure 201 was not the problem) and only changed the LAN ip and added 1 route statement to the base config and my notebook still cannot connect. What strainge is that i have now 4 of the same notebooks with windows 7 base install. The first 2 notebooks work fine the third will not connect so i went down a purchased the 4th fron a different store and pluged it in and it has the same problem. Could it be that i need to chage one of the PFsense advanced settings. Also on the notebook that cannot connect if i set its gateway to the cisco router of then it connects just fine over to the server I have also changed IP address on the noteboot and checked them for IP-conflicts.

    This is crazy :o

  • closer inspection raises some questions for me …..

    acer <--> pfsense1 lan | pfsense1 wan <--> cisco1 <--> MPLS network <--> Cisco2 <--> pfsense2 wan | pfsense2 lan <--> server

    is that an accurate interpretation of your situation ?
    do the subnets overlap or are they the same ?

    if yes then i can't imagine this ever working properly …
    if you plug in a linksys router this would not be an issue because they probably have a different default subnet and thus have no issues

    perhaps you should consider changing the lan subnet's on both ends or change the subnet the cisco's are running on

    good luck

  • here is a pic of my setup

  • Did you enabled "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface " on system advanced -> Firewall/Nat?

  • Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface. That seems to have fixed it. thanks ;D

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