Strange configuration loss on 2.0.1 - SSD Problem?

  • Hi,

    today i had a strange issue on a SSD re-installed pfSense 2.0.1.

    First of all these packages were installed and it was a new install with restore from a backup config.xml via the web interface:

    1. squid
    2. squidguard
    3. havp antivirus
    4. openvpn client exporter

    I configured everything in firewall, openvpn, squid, squidguard, 2 opt interfaces, ipsec tunnels and much more. Everything worked fine. I realized that i have forgotten to set the periodic connection reset on the wan interface. I configured it to reset at 00:00 o clock every day an after a click on save, the wan interface reconnects and the Webinterface did a lag, or reset of the lan interface too… I dont know.

    After that i was back on the Webinterface, but at a configuration point 30 or 45 minutes ago! nearly at the first config restore point.

    Did anybody have a clue what issue that could be? Failed SSD?

    Thanks in advance

    Updated typo: periodic reset on wan interface

  • What does Diag>Backup/restore, Config history tab look like? Anything in the system log?


    pfsense will kill your ssd

    No it won't. If you're getting anywhere near the stated write limits on a SSD, it'll take several years at least running a full install.

    If you want to be on the safe side, only use nanobsd on SSD.

  • I have an image of this installation, so i can take a look into the log files later today. We changed the ssd to be secure.

  • Due to the system log 500 kbyte limit and there was one reboot so there is nothing in the logs anymore. The config history has nothing stored before the issue. I think it is too late for troubleshooting. Next time i will check these things asap. Thanks anyway!

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