Router on a Stick: 1WAN, 3LANs and NAT

  • Well, i have my pfsense loaded up with the vlans it needs.  Everything is working just fine on the main LAN interface.  However the OPT interfaces (VLANS) are not actually working correctly.

    I have a computer that is on a different VLAN that can not communicate with the pfsense box.  If i try and ping its vlan interface it will not respond.  However, the pfsense can ping it.  And i can ping through the router to the workstation from my machine on a different LAN.

    I think this is a NAT issue, however i am not sure.  NAT is functioning correctly on the main LAN interface and i am using it right now to be on the web posting.  I have not had good luck finding information that is that relevant to my issue, and im a n00b.

    Can anyone direct me?  I was previously using SmoothWalls but ran into limitations on the number of interfaces i needed.


  • do you have firewall rules in place that allow traffic from the subnet of your VLAN?

  • Yep!  Thats it!  I didn't realize (and i should have, im an idiot) that their is the implicit deny all.  A simple permit all allowed traffic to flow.

    Thanks for helping a n00b out!

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