Further Troubleshooting Dansguardian

  • Hi All
    I have set up both the squid and dansguardian packages. When I manually put in my proxy's IP address and port 3128, I get on the net but when I put in the proxy's IP address and port 8080, I get nothing. Both services are on the same box.

    Dansguardian listens on the box's lan ip address and port 8080

    Now Status => Services shows Dansguardian to be running but when I go to the command line and do sockstat -4 | grep 8080, nothing shows up.
    When I try to manually start DG from the command line, it fails.

    Any help on how I could further troubleshoot this?

  • @petros:

    When I try to manually start DG from the command line, it fails.

    What error do you get on dansguardian startup?

    Did you create a firewall rule to allow traffic on port 8080?

  • The strange thing is that status => services says DG is running even when I refresh, it says running. I only realised that it was not running because I did the sockstat -4 command. If I click restart in the GUI, it says DG restarted. I even checked in /var/log/dansguardian/access.log
    but the file has nothing in it.

  • go on console/ssh and run

    /usr/local/etc/rc.d/dansguardian start


    ps ax | grep -i dansguardian

  • Ok it seems my problem was that both squid and DG were bound to the lan IP address. I set squid to listen on loopback and then started it manually.
    My final problem now though is that when I
    reboot the box, I need to manually start squid from the command line and then all is well not sure why that is. It should start automatically.

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