Please help to configure Squid (Transparent) + Multiwan Load Balancing in PFS 2

  • Anybody , please ppost detailed configuration to implement squid (transparent) + multi wan load balancing on PFsense 2.0.1

  • Create a Gateway Group with your two WANS, change your Lan's outbound internet traffic from default gateway to your new gateway group.  Setup squid in transparent mode add a custom options rule at the bottom with the following:-  tcp_outgoing_address

    Then goto outbound NAT and create a rule for each of your WANS as below

    WAN * * * * * NO    WAN_1 Rule
    WAN2 * * * * * NO    WAN_2 Rule

    Now create a floating firewall rule as below

    TCP WAN_MAIN address * * 80 (HTTP) Loadbalance1 none   GW1andGW2

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