Cannot select WAN interface in load balancer list

  • Hello there!

    I have a strange problem when I follow the Multi-WAN/Load-Balancing documentation: I cannot add the WAN interface, it's nit in the list.

    I have 6 interfaces: LAN ( atm), WAN (, WAN2 (, VPN (, DMZ ( and PROXY (

    I want to set up the following:

    WAN and WAN2 shall be load balanced
    WAN, WAN2, VPN shall be fail overed (for some purpose)
    WAN2, WAN, VPN shall be fail overed (for another purpose)

    I set all interfaces to use a static address and defined the gateways for the WAN, WAN2 and VPN interfaces.

    Now, when I try to set up the first pool (Load Balancing), the WAN Interface is not in the Interface Name Listbox, only the WAN2 and the VPN interfaces are shown there.

    I use 1.2-Beta1.

    How do I get the WAN interface in the listbox?

  • using 1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-04-30-07

    "Interface Name" works fine here.

  • It only offers Interfaces that have a gateway configured. I guess your WAN Interface is down and has no IP-Configuration and that's why it is not shown in the list. Get some connectivity at WAN and try to create the pool again.

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