DHCP addresses not releasing

  • I have noticed that pfSense sometimes does not release IP addresses
    when the DHCP lease expires. I am looking for guidance on how to
    manually clear all leases. Any help would be appreciated.

  • The default lease time is 2 hours. If the device asking for a lease requests more than that, it can ask up to 1 day. Also if the device renews, its going to be 2 more hours past that. What specifically are you seeing that this is not happening? What version of pfSense are you running?

  • The version is 1.2.2…....The issue that I am seeing is that the leases are never getting released. We are using it for our Public Wireless and was just wondering if there is a way to go in and clear all leases.

  • 1.2.2 … well I would upgrade ... there are no patches or any development going on for that version. Try 1.2.3 if you cannot move out of the 1.2 series. I would highly recommend moving to 2.0. Most likely that issue has been fixed since then.

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